Construction Engineering

Our Construction Engineering team (formerly known as RexConn Design) create solutions for steel erectors, fabricators, and general contractors to safely and efficiently erect steel and construction buildings and structures.

We have extensive experience working with builders on real-world applications, creating solutions like crane placement, temporary bracing, and construction sequencing plans. Involving our structural engineering experts early saves you time and money while reducing your risk on a jobsite.

100% USA Based Engineering Team

Construction Engineering Services

Erection Engineering

Develop strategy and game plan for critical lifts.

Temporary Stability Bracing

Engineer the most effective solution to minimize unintended movement and associated risk.

Temporary Shoring

Design the temporary support structure when constructing buildings, structures, and trenches.

Site Logistics

Create a plan to efficiently construction a building or structure. 

Construction engineering is an important role that we do not take lightly because it makes construction jobsites safer and more efficient. As a firm, we strive to be a partner for our clients, sharing our expertise to help the team.

Before you struggle with another crane logistics or sequencing plan, let’s chat about how we can save your team time and money while making your jobsites safer.

Engineering Capabilities

10 - 100 + Tons

Heavy Lift Weight

100 - 300 + FT

Long Beam Spans

Project Building Area
5,000 - 0 SQFT

World Class Expertise

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