Structural Engineering

Our structural engineering team has worked in nearly every US state and Canadian province, and many of our engineers have work stretching across the globe.

We offer structural engineer solutions for new construction projects and renovations to existing buildings from full structural design services to consultancy, peer reviews, and special studies. Our team has experience working in all building materials including steel, glass, and timber.

Our structural engineers are not only experts at their trade – they are also leaders in their profession.  We publish papers and give presentations to local and national organizations, participate in local and national professional committees, and are active in academia, teaching at several universities.  We are passionate about our field and understand the importance of being an active part of the professional community.

Structural Engineering Services

Our focus is two-fold:

  • Create elegant, simple solutions to complex challenges
  • Build people

Our philosophy at REX is called, where we’re ONE team. That team includes everyone on the project, the owner, architect, other engineers, contractor, trade partners, and the community. We succeed as a team when we’re partners instead of adversaries.

We want to do more than engineer buildings; we want to build people.

Let’s chat about working together and growing our relationship.

World Class Expertise

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